BFP Meeting Minutes 2-9-2011

*Bookwrapping – Friday, 2/18!
-Sarah will check if TAP has been approved by emailing AS.
-Check prices for mail services to calculate how many books we can send!
-No spending over budget limit.

*Fundraising – Korean BBQ fundraiser (Wednesday)

-March 2, 4, or 9 (week 9 or 10, depending on when funds come out).

-Jacky will reserve day and Library Walk spot and notify Sarah.

*Designate day and time to clean out storage room.
-Sign up for different days?
-Next Wednesday (2/16)
[Can Lisa send out reminder to everyone to recruit those who would like to help out?]
*Old letters – send to other Books for Prisoners organization.
*TAP for art show
-Combine with book sale fundraiser (advertise cause!)
*Reserve for BFP tabling on Library Walk [Tabling in Week 1 of Spring Quarter (M-F)]

[Note: TAPs take 2 weeks to complete!]

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